Acer Aspire One Netbooks This link is a CNET review of these small, handy netbooks.  
Obtain a free annual credit report.

Arch Telecom A great call capture system for your lawn signs.  It is compatible with Top Producer and other lead capture programs.  They offer a discount to Keller Williams Agents.  Do a PC audit on your system that will tell you everything about your machine. This site lists all of the Home Builders that have "imploded" since 2006.  See the related site below. Increase your lead capture capability from your signs with this site.

The Common Craft ShowShort video explanations in plain English on a variety of topics.  A GREAT learning tool for new technology.
Custom Blogscreated by Amber Boyd can be ordered here.  Get a unique, custom look for your blogs.

Dallas Ft. Worth School Reports
 Provided by Republic Title, these reports cover all of the DFW area school districts.  This includes SAT scores, state ratings and it has contact information for Private Schools.  A great item of value to add to your website. This site allows DFW area KW agents to add their current open houses in a mater of minutes.  It has a clean look, with built in lead capture for each agent.
Dropbox This program allow you to easily store, sync and share files from one machine to another all on a secure web based platform. Create free virtual tours that can be linked to your website.

Free Help For Real Estate Agents A powerful site where you can download FREE ebooks, online  and audio seminars. This is #1 free, powerful and all-in-one utility in the world market! It offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. Domain registration company thats offers good pricing and service.
Google  Submit your website's URL to Google to possibly help with your site ranking.
Google Trends  Compare keywordsthat be used on your site.
1-800-Goog-411This is a free site that allows you to get company phone numbers for free.
GPS Devices This CNET site reviews the top 5 GPS devices.  The reviews and pricing are updated on a regular basis so check often.
Internet Archive Wayback Machine A good waste of 10 minutes!  Go back in time to view what a certain website looked like from 1996 to present time.  Check out some of the news websites and your company's website.  Pretty interesting how things have changed in such a short time. Download unique, high resolution photos at a minimal cost.  Great for print marketing and websites.
Keyword Selector Tool Determine the best words to use on your website for Search Engine Optimization. Protect the little ones!  Order lead testing kits that you can easily use to test their toys.
Lowest Gas Prices by Zip Code  Enter your zip code and it lists the cheapest gas prices in your zip code.  The prices are updated nightly.  Company that offers wonderful backup devices for your PCs and laptops. This site is home base for 7 different instant messaging systems.  Go here to log into any of the systems.
Microsoft Vista Upgrade Advisor Is your current computer ready to handle Vista; the new Operating System from Microsoft?  Run this tool to find out.
Millionaire Systems A great site to find resources that can help your business.  Manage your budget, look for low interest credit card/high interest savings accounts and track your expenses. This site lists all of the Mortgage Companies that have "imploded" since 2006.  It does also show current Mortgage information and some of the top "non-imploded" mortgage companies.  See the related site above.  DFW based company that offers refurbished PCs, laptops and other related items at reduced prices and good quality.
PC House Call  PC repair and installation company that is local to the DFW Area.  Offers a 15% to area KW agents and their clients.
Photosynth  This FREE tool from Microsoft Live Labs allows you to stitch multiple photos.  Perfect for virtual tours and neighborhood profiles. 
PrimoPDF.comDownload this program and change any file into a PDF file.  Another option to increase your lead capture capability from your signs with this site.$125 a year gives you unlimited use to create Real Estate videos that can be added to your website, blog, etc.
RSS Feedsfor Real Estate topics
Search Engine Details The complete history of each search engine.  Talk to anyone in the world for free. Avatars are becoming mainstream and this site lets you create custom avatars for you website.  A great way to have a video on your site at a minimal cost, plus it takes away the fear of being on camera.
Slide.comThis site allows you to create slideshows for free that can be added to your website, blog, facebook, etc.  Perfect for a listing presentation or city/neighborhood overview. This site allows you to capture any image on your screen and modify/add items to it.  Great for presentations, training manuals and marketing. Creates a great interactive box for your blog or website for free.  It's what is creating the previews on this page!
A great site to pick up FREE Widgets for your site.  Create surveys for free that can be used on your website or sent to your database via e-mail.
Texas Education Agency  Academic Excellence Indicator System for Texas. Transfer important data from your old computer to a new one in a matter of minutes.
Trulia Stats Widget  Easily add a local real estate trend chart to your web site or blog for free. The widget shows a chart of the average listing price and available inventory for any city or neighborhood in the US for the past year. A well known site that you post and/pull videos from to embed into your website or blog.
  Easily determine what your IP address is.  Great when you have to supply this on technical support calls.  Add easy to use and valuable widgets to your website, blog and social networking site for free. provides videos with an online spokesperson for your business with a professional touch.  Provides a difference maker for your site. This site allows you to create custom forms for your website.  Get 3 free forms when you sign up. Get U.S.Census data and compare to other Zip Codes.  Offers a FREE widget to add this data to your site.